Stuffin Gourmet - The Sharing Of A Southern Tradition

Longtime next-door neighbors Dave Haig and Chef Bob Harre, have much more than their friendship in common. Dave and Bob are the co-founders of Stuffin Gourmet®, a Pennsylvania based gourmet food company with a rich and colorful history.  Bob Harre is, by trade, a professional Chef of 25 years, well known for his constant pursuit of new and innovative culinary creations.  Dave's extensive background as an entrepreneur in product development, research, manufacturing, and machine design is the perfect complement to Bob's expertise.

These are the events that led to the creation of their natural essence, the common denominator for the success of Stuffin Gourmet® products: While on vacation in the Carolinas, they attended an authentic Southern Clambake, where they were introduced to a traditional 'Low Country Steam Pot', consisting of a variety of fresh poultry, vegetables, herbs and spices.  Through the combination of these natural ingredients and a slow cooking process, a distinctive and flavorful stock is rendered.  "The flavor profile is like nothing you have ever experienced," says Chef Harre, "The stock is full of interacting flavors."  "Once you try it, the blend of tastes actually locks into your memory."  In all his years of professional experience, Bob was never so impressed.  He was determined to learn how to reproduce something that tasted so good!

After returning home, friends and neighbors were invited to enjoy this great discovery from the Deep South.  The overwhelming positive reaction to its flavor and aroma spawned Dave and Bob's passion for sharing what they had found with everyone.

They spent several years perfecting their process and were finally satisfied that the mission was accomplished…The Stuffin Gourmet Natural Essence was born! The Essence was found to be incredibly versatile.  Dave and Bob began using it to provide unusually flavorful soups, sauces, hors d'oeuvres and eventually, their unmistakable stuffing.  The endorsement of friends, neighbors, and more importantly, a host of international Master Chefs, convinced the founders to produce their products on a commercial basis.

"Our philosophy is consistent and remains true to the original recipe," explains co-founder Haig, “We have learned that there is no substitution for superior natural ingredients and there can be no shortcuts in the manufacturing process."

All of the Stuffin Gourmet® products have been developed just for QVC. Their specialty is ‘Farm Fresh Chicken’ in a multitude of gourmet offerings. From their 'Barn Yard' to your 'Back Yard', the success of their products is complimented by listening to the QVC customer, and giving them what they want. Stuffin Gourmet® encourages customers to call and chat. They have given both of the founders telephone numbers to QVC Customer Service representatives, and extensively use this unique relationship to keep very much in touch with the QVC customer.

The Low Carb Challenge: QVC challenged them to go out and develop Low Carb Entrées, that people could not duplicate at home, or find elsewhere else for that matter, no matter how hard they tried. Their unique Low Carb breading was the result of this challenge. It employs a natural process which lowers sugars, and starches while leave a wonderful real food flavor. This innovative process has made them a huge success in the QVC Low Carb category!

"When it comes to gourmet food", says Haig...

"What the QVC customer wants, is what we do best!"

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